Saturday, 31 May 2014

High Moorland

Before I get back to finish off the Seahouses trip, I had an email from a friend of mine Remi who lives in France saying he was coming over on holiday and could we meet up once again.
Cutting a long story short he wanted to photograph Red Grouse, so after sending him the info everything was in place and a day,time and meeting place was arranged.

The fateful day was last Wednesday when nearly all the country was hit with rain and we were not to be left out!! I picked up my good friend and off we went thinking was this going to be worth the trip, but in the end despite the rain, fog and more rain the day was a great success.

We met up with Remi and his lovely wife Maria and after a few warming coffee's we set off up onto the moors, just hoping the mist would clear!

Female Red Grouse taken in the gloom

 Male Red Grose looking even Gloomier!

We did get a few breaks in the weather

As we did a drive through when the mist rolled in we did not expect to see this!

Lapwing foraging for food in the sodden grass

And again but this time with driving rain!

One of the best birds of the high moorland has to be the Golden Plover

And when this bird calls out it is one you do not forget

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