Friday, 15 April 2016

Foxy Lady!!!!!

At the start of last year whilst recovering from my heart attack Anne decided to take me down London for  couple of days so I could photograph the Parakeets and Grey Herons. Whilst there I met up with a photographer who told me about a London cemetery were you could photograph Foxes. At the time I thought I will remember that place and one day will go down. Months past and of course I forgot the name of the place but with a little digging came up with somewhere that I thought just maybe.

I travelled down  early one Monday with the intention of stopping and travelling back on the Tuesday I just wished that I could have stayed for longer.

I found a vixen that was not too shy of the public and would come and look you over rather than a couple more that I found and just legged it!!

On the first day like all new places it was just pure luck that I came across this fox and not knowing what her routine was I soon lost her. But my sadness turned to joy the next day when I found her going into her den. I sat and waited and after several hours she came out and yes you have guessed it just as she did I was looking the other way so missed the photograph I was after!!

After all that it was time for home and the traffic, was it worth it well you be the judge of that.

She kept a close eye on members of the public walking past.

Thanks for looking

Friday, 1 April 2016

Scotland.......part 4

Yes I can and do photograph the Mountain Hare in my home county of Derbyshire but there is one thing you cannot guarantee and that is the white stuff.....snow!

Once you come across these magnificent mammals in their Highland homes high up in the snow line you just have to admire them and feel for them I suppose at the same time. Just think for a moment what they have to put up with; the extreme low temparatures, high winds,
rain and everything else that is thrown at them.

From the pictures you are going to view the weather was glorious still below freezing (just), but the sun was shining all day, previous to that two days before we could hardly walk and was nearly blown off our feet!

I have three places that I visit for the Mountain Hare in Scotland but again a local guide put me onto a new place which both myself and Anne found was the easiest to walk, and the number of Hares was
truly amazing.


Decided to grin for the camera!

This one looks as though it is stood, it was still running towards me.

Thanks for looking