Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Little Owl

Ask any wildlife photographer if they would like to photograph a Little Owl and the answer would probably be "yes".

I have over the years photographed a fair few but I have always had a particular shot in mind and this year it started to come together as the farmer I know rotated his crop production and the field was set with 'Rape seed oil'.

Now everybody and their father knows that when 'Rape' flowers it is a mass of yellow every other field looks as though it is carpeted in some kind of exotic yellow flower!

About four months ago I started to put my plan in action and feeding a particular spot with the odd mealworm (or two) just to keep the Owls interested. I then added a couple of perches near to a large branch that had fallen during one windy night of which the  Owl's used on a regular basis as a look out perch.

After a while I introduced my dome hide which on this occasion I know will be safe and it has been left in situ.

Did it work .....you may ask yourselves.... well lets see!!!!!

At first they would stay a distance away.

As time went by they used perches they had used for a while.

Then after a while the male would come onto one of the perches I had put into place.

Then the shot I was after,  I would have preferred the whole of the background yellow but my aim was to get the yellow of the iris into the background.
Now all you have to do is ask yourself "am I looking at the birds eye or am I looking at the background"????

Will leave that one with you!!!!!

Thanks for looking

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