Wednesday, 22 March 2017


I had always wanted to go to the Isle of Mull in Winter to photograph the Otters but in the back of my mind there was always the doubts of shorter days, the weather will the ferries be running. Luckily for us none of this became a problem yes we had a mixture of weather but for the main it was sunny, dry albeit a little windy and the Otters were about, although not playing for the camera all the time.

We stayed for a week this time usually it would be for a fortnight as I have always said "a week is too short a time on this fantastic island".

Sightings of Otters was good a total of 32 sightings from 13 individuals over the week long period and this was one of the  best weeks I have had for them on Mull.

We met some very like minded people and again it was very nice to be able to share our finds and help other people out, some getting their first close encounters with the Otters.

You could very easily drive past and not see them as they were camouflaged against the sea weed!

Even when you knew that you were looking in an Otters territory they always seemed to do the opposite to what you would think! Most of the time finding them away from the shore feeding was just the start!

People will tell you that the best time to see an Otter is on a 'turning tide', partly true; but in the week we were there we saw Otters at all times of the day irrespective of what the tide was doing, perhaps it is better to visit when the days are shorter!!

We watched Otters every time they dived they caught something, we also saw mothers feeding their cub(s) but one thing for certain all that energy used there was always time for a quick nap!

A great week had with great company

Thanks for looking!

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