Monday, 25 August 2014

Harvest Mice

Once again I was very fortunate to be invited down to visit a photographer who has been involved with his own breeding programme and the re-introduction of the Harvest Mouse.

The UK's smallest mammal and which has a decent stronghold here in North East Derbyshire, one site in particular comes under the management of the Countryside Service based out of Clay Cross.

Very difficult, if not nigh impossible to photograph in the wild I took up this opportunity to photograph some of the 60 plus mice that were available to me on the day I went down. Now I must emphasise that the mice are not just used for photography purposes but are in-fact taken to suitable habitats and released in the hope of establishing further populations.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


As promised from my last posting I know have an update on the Mink that I sighted last Friday whilst photographing Kingfishers.

The said Mink is now deceased

It was seen on the 8th August and caught on the 12th August, I was hoping it was passing through and the heavy rain we had may have moved it on but it decided to stop, silly move!!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

King ---again

Things have been going fairly well down at the river with the Kingfisher's. Once again; as last year the first nest was flooded out and the second sitting has only produced one young, which unfortunately is now wearing a bracelet on it's right leg!!!!!!

There may be a cause for alarm though, as I write this I have just returned from setting two Mink traps as I caught sight of a single Mink yesterday, let's hope it was just travelling through!Somehow I very much doubt it.

Anyway here are some of the latest images. Enjoy!

Watch this space to see who wins the Mink battle!!