Sunday, 29 December 2013

Woodland feeding station

I have at long last found a place where I have set up a feeding station for woodland birds and mammals, I say mammals but I can see it being Grey Squirrels and not much else.
I have wanted to try and capture shots of the Great Spotted Woodpecker and to try and picture it as you might when searching for it with binoculars, as nearly every time you hear the call or the drumming of this bird you glimpse it on the other side of the tree from were you are looking!

I had my first session at the feeding station over the Christmas break and was pleased that both the male and female were in the area along with a fair few other species of birds. What was more annoying was that the Woodpeckers for some reason were very flighty when coming down for food. A few adjustments to my surroundings and the female started to appear where I wanted her.

This is hopefully just the start and so long as the feeding station stays intact; the first one got destroyed! I will spend a fair bit of time photographing what turns up.

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