Monday, 17 March 2014

Toads !!!!!!!!!

It is said that 8% of the UK population has a phobia of some kind, mine (for those of you who don't know me) is Frogs and Toads; do not ask me why it baffles the best of them!!

Anyway today I went to face the enemy head on; after some deep breaths and a second Mars bar I was in the thick of the action, let me explain.

It all starts pretty amicable the enemy keeping a fair distance

But if you are not careful they work as a team; this one kept my attention for a while.

Whilst three of his comrades (and please note the camouflage) crept closer to my vantage point, crafty little beggars!

And what made it worse was when they came in two's; as you are probably aware modern day snipers in the world's armed forces work with a partner for sighting purposes!!

What I have not told you yet is the average distance between the eye's was around 3ft. All shots taken with 500mm plus 2x converter!!!!!!!!!!

Beware they are amongst us


  1. And you still came away unscathed! I am sure you must love them just a little bit more than you did yesterday. The camouflage photos are exceptional Alan. I trust you were equally disguised! Do they know where you live?