Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Norfolk Adders

Decided to go to North Norfolk and visit one of their Heathlands on the lookout for Adders, many thanks to local expert Richard for putting us on the right track.

This typical Norfolk landscape was totally different from the areas that I am used to looking for Adders, and with the weather as it was the order of the day was look from a distance use a longer focal lens and tread lightly and very carefully!

It just amazed me how easy it was to overlook the Adders as they blended in very well with their surroundings.

This photograph shows an Adder in typical habitat and just how easy it could have been overlooked.

With a little care and using a longer focal length lens and a lot of luck closer images were had.

We also managed to find three stunning females, my first of the year.

We also saw a few Common Lizards

Great day out and Great company

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