Friday, 14 March 2014

Great Crested Grebes

With spring upon us the weather just right everything seem's to come at you all at once and sometimes the hardest decision is what and where to go with the camera, I had several ideas for my last day's holiday but in the end I plumped for the Great Crested Grebes, hoping I would catch them 'dancing'.

I just should have got up a little earlier this morning as I was told there was a nice frost and mist was rising from the waters surface, the atmospheric photo's will just have to wait.

As I watched both birds you could just sense something was going to happen.

The pair would come together calling and raising their crest feathers and start to bob their heads, I just knew that soon they would make a synchronised dive and appear with weed in their beaks and start one of nature's amazing courtship dances.

Funny thing is I can only think 'how fast are their legs going'??

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