Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Fell in the trap!!!!!!!!

Yes I have fallen into the trap of not being up to date with the Blog, I along with countless other folk take up the challenge to write a blog and to let you good folk out there keep up to date with what we do, but like I say I have succumbed to what must be some kind of blog virus!!!!!!!!

Anyway apart from that here we are again, so what I have done this time is to share some pictures with you on the two projects that I am working on so far in 2016.

The first one is of course at the farm and my feeding station/reflection pool hide area, now I am not going to blame the weather; as I find it a poor excuse nowadays as with the technology at our fingertips, but my luck has not been good, most of my rest days have been wet ones with a few exceptions, but the birds have been there with a very good number of Tree Sparrows, Reed Buntings and Yellowhammers being in good numbers this year despite the mild weather.

The second project which I hope will run for a few more months is my Bank Vole project, now this is something different as I have found out to my cost! If you want to do a subject spend most of the day there take lets say 100+ pictures and have lets say 20+ sharp then this dear little mammal is the one for you.........they are FAST!!

Bank Voles

Thanks for looking

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