Wednesday, 17 February 2016

At Long Last.....Muntjac's

As the title says this photography subject has been a long time coming, but not for the want of trying.
I have visited friends who are Gamekeepers spoken to countless people who will tell you "I get them regular in my garden"....Yeah right!!

But no more at last I have found a place where I can get shots of these shy and elusive creatures, I do have to thank a certain person who for now will remain anonymous as will the place in question but if they do ever get to read this post I am sure they know who they are.

I have only ever seen one in Derbyshire and that was in Shaw Wood a woodland managed by the Countryside service and thanks to a workmate at the end of a days work who gestured to me to leave what I was doing I just managed to get a glimpse of a single adult Muntjac going through the wood.

The male pictured below is showing some signs of battle scars and he also has lost his two large canine teeth, something I did not notice in the time I was photographing him.

And now for the female who was more interested in the fruit I threw out!!

After what seemed a short time spent with these shy and elusive animals I cannot wait to get back and start all over again, as it is I have a Scotland trip to get in first.

Thanks for looking

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