Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Chance Meeting

As is normal just lately the best laid plans are thrown out of the window; I was going up onto the moors again but the weather did not look promising so I went on the lookout for Water Voles. Usually I would like so many others go to Cromford but I had made the decision to try a new area that I had seen and been told by work colleagues that there was a lot of signs of vole activity.

Photographically not as good as Cromford but there is the challenge!

No sooner had I got there I was rushing back to the car for the camera as I had just spotted a Weasel, in the short few seconds it registered I noticed it was going up the canal wall using the burrows and hole entrances made by the voles.

The first view I had it popped out of a hole and gave me a look and was soon gone

I knew this was going to be more difficult than I first thought, I spent over an hour with this small killing machine and gradually I was able to get closer, wether this is field craft or luck it certainly made my day.

And to my surprise as I watched the Weasel using the underground tunnel network it never did seem to bother the voles

As for the Water Voles, well I had more sightings in three hours than I have had for a long time at Cromford. 

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  1. You made a wise decision Alan! I spent 2 hours up on the Moors and in spite of the sunshine, the wind was keeping the adders undercover. Not one sighting! The weazel shots are brilliant, as of course is the water vole!