Monday, 2 May 2016

Green Woodpecker

Everyone has a 'bogey' bird, animal plant etc. mine was the Green Woodpecker. It was one of those birds that never presented itself in front of the lens, even when I did go for them!

But just as the saying goes "Everything comes to those who wait" well after.... lets just say a few years!! my time had come.... albeit very briefly!!!

I managed to get within shooting range of a pair of birds that were busily feeding on a recently cut grass area and like I said it was very brief as a dog walker soon spooked them.

It is always nice to go out photographing a certain subject but then the added bonus of being able to photograph something else as well especially when it is your 'bogey' bird!!!!

Thanks for looking 

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  1. Great photos. I wish I could get to see a green woodpecker close up.