Friday, 25 March 2016

Scotland .......Part 3

If you are going to the highlands of Scotland at any time of the year to photograph wildlife then there is one species of bird that everyone wants to photograph and I must say it is my is of course the Crested Tit, the 'PUNK' of the bird world with its black and white crest.

I have two places that I visit to get a chance of photographing this bird one is at the Osprey centre at Loch Garten and the other is a nice quiet place that I stumbled across a few years ago.

It can get very frustrating trying to get the shot you are after as these birds are never still and you tend to take more shots of its close cousin the Coal tit!!

The latest RSPB reports regarding the status of the Crested Tit in Scotland is very encouraging as it shows an increase in it's population.

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