Friday, 18 March 2016

Scotland ..........Part 2

You cannot go up the Cairngorms and not photograph the Snow Buntings....or can you!!! This year I saw several smallish flocks both on the way up and down when photographing the Ptarmigan, but as always I pinned my hopes next to the picnic tables in the top car park.

And as ever I through out a little seed and did not have to wait long before one Snow Bunting turned up, yes that's right one.....

After spending most of the time on the 'hill' I had not left long for the Buntings and was a little disappointed to only have this single bird come down. But never the less I had a good time watching it forage around for the spilt seed.

Perhaps with the weather as it was (glorious sunshine)! the other birds were further up the mountain probably being fed around the restaurant area, who knows but still it is always nice to see them no matter how many.

Thanks for looking

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