Monday, 20 July 2015

Something completely different!!!!!

As the title suggests this is as far away from wildlife as I have ever been, photographically I mean!!!!

Got invited up to Doncaster by two great guys Trevor and Glyn to have a go at photographing a round of the BRITISH JET SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!

I enjoyed it so much I went again on Sunday.

Not sure of what to expect I was a bit more than taken back a little when you see some of these guys and girls going past you at 60 - 70 mph, no wander they have full body kits on.

After about the first two memory cards I started to get the hang of things, talk about being out of my comfort zone this sports photography lark is something else, someone did say to me "well at least you know they are going to turn up"!!!!!!!!!!

The good thing about it was that you did not have to worry about your background.

Thanks for looking

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