Monday, 18 May 2015

More time down at the Feeding Station

I have been going down to the farm at least a couple of times a week just to keep the feeders topped up mainly and also to observe what is happening.

I have noticed on several occasions that a pair of Pheasant's have been coming to feed, but at certain times! So an hour before they were due I got myself comfy at ground level in the hide and waited.

I was still entertained by the many finches that are coming to feed especially the colourful Yellowhammers, and surprised by the numbers!

Even the sound of the shutter does not put the birds off, but it is comical to see the Pheasants trying to see where the noise is coming from and at one point came even closer to me thinking that the noise was behind them!!

Here are a small selection of shots

And we cannot go without a picture of a fine male Yellowhammer

The above shot is not cropped, I put this in to show how close the birds will come.

If you want to give it a go in the hide, and don't forget you are lying down then contact me on

Thanks for looking

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