Friday, 20 February 2015

Grey Heron

Well I am starting to be able to get out and about a bit more now, but that does not mean I am 100% not by a long way as yet, but I am getting there. So once again the project on the Mountain Hares will have to wait another year!!

My better half Anne took me on a two day trip down London just so that I could do something I had been promising myself for a number of years but never got round to doing it, photograph the Grey Herons in Regents park.

I must say from the outset that these birds are fed on a regular basis by members of the public, (something the Royal Parks do not condone) and so the birds are very easy to approach as some of the pictures you are about to see shows.

Here are a few of the 400 or so pictures I took!!

So that I wasn't carrying a lot of weight around I only took the 400mm f5.6 and a wide angle lens with me on the 7D MK2, what I could have done with was the Macro lens!!!!!

None of these pictures are cropped

It got to the point of what could you do different with the lenses you had, but the chance to do these birds that lets face it on the whole are very difficult to get close to was an experience in itself, and next time I go down..... well lets see!!!!

Thanks for looking!

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