Saturday, 19 July 2014

Kestrel III

Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege to see these young Kestrels from their first time they ventured to the edge of their nest site to peer out into the unknown to watching them taking their first flight.

For some it was more of a flutter and run than an actually flight but I am glad to say that all four young flew the nest to be looked after by the adult birds.

With looking at the few pellets I could find I can still only determine that the main food source was Short tailed field Vole, and didn't they do well!

Here are the last few shots that I took.

This is the oldest of the four young and of course even out of the nest he was determined to get the food first so he would fly to the highest vantage point on the building and would call the loudest as the adults came in.

Two well fed and contented young!

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