Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Black Grouse

Something I should have done years ago but it was one of those things I never got round too was to try and photograph Black Grouse, don't get me wrong I have seen Black Grouse before even in Derbyshire but I have never been or seen them at a Lek.

After some excellent directions (thanks Glyn) and setting off at 02:30 I arrived around 05:00 still in the dark, and to make things worse the heavens opened; from heavy rain to sleet, it was at this point I thought to myself what the hell am I doing!

Unsure  (and still in the dark) I decided to drive the very narrow road to see if I could hear the birds, thinking I had gone to far I turned round only to find that half a mile back down the road from were I had come from another car had beaten me to the prime location, not to be put off I pulled up and wound the window down only to be confronted by the noise of these wonderful birds.

No matter how hard I tried the bird would not go below the rainbow!

Unfortunately the birds did not come all that close but I am told that on some occasions they will venture a lot closer, again it's that old saying used a lot in wildlife photography "right time right place"!

Again it is one of wildlife's spectacles I will get back there next year and hope the birds do come a little closer but if they don't you will always have the enjoyment of knowing you have just witnessed something that is truly remarkable 

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