Thursday, 29 October 2015

Mountain Hare

I know I have fallen into the same old trap as most people I know who start off with a Blog and with all good intentions try to keep it up to date but I really have been busy and could not find the time. But now the clocks have gone back and the long nights are setting in I am going to push myself to really try and catch up.

And for starters I have just had a week off and at the start I decided on a whim to take Anne up onto the High Moors and have a go at Mountain Hares.

Not a promising start to the day as we parked up there was a lot of mist about and visibility was around 100mtrs, but going on the mountain weather report this would lift around 09:00 and visibility should be good.

As we made our way up to the higher ground I think we disturbed up to four individuals and I could see that some transformation in their coats was happening, albeit not a lot.

As the day went on and the walking seemed to get harder one thing was missing...... that's right the Hares; there were none showing, so I made a decision that we turn back and head to a certain point and have lunch. This would probably be the best move I made but at the time I was thinking we were going to be out of luck and it would be a long walk back to the car!

A quick lunch was had and by now I had resigned to the fact that we were going to draw a blank when Anne said " look whats this here", to my surprise right under where we had been having our lunch there sat a Hare, and you can say the rest is now history!!

As you can see it would not do a great deal other than now and then it would have a clean and a good stretch!

This gave me a chance to try for a few different shots.

This last shot is slightly cropped but for me it sums the day up for me as it has got to be to date my best time spent with one of these creatures, he never moved until after nearly two hours when all of a sudden he stretched and walked off right passed me without even a look or nothing....incredible!!

Thanks for looking

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