Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Red Grouse

I was joined on this trip out by Anne (the boss)!! Things have changed over the last couple of months at home and this has now given Anne the opportunity to join me on this trip and hopefully more in the future.

I wanted to catch the Grouse in the heather and as always things never go to plan!

We have three types of Heather in Derbyshire; Ling Heather which is the most popular and makes our  hills and moorlands look as though they have been carpeted in purple.

Bell Heather which is less common and has slightly larger flowers.

And lastly the least common Cross leaved Heather which favours more wetter ground and is usually found in bogs.

Unfortunately for me on this visit it looks as though it is a couple of weeks from it's best showing.

I visited this part of moorland three days before the Grouse season starts and the first thing I noticed was the large numbers of young Grouse, still mainly in their family parties. We even came across an adult pair with seven very small young!

female Red Grouse looking grumpy!

male Red Grouse

As you can see below the Heather in managed areas was very sparse in coming through.

Eventually I did manage a few shots but looks like another visit is on the cards!!

And finally before the 12th!!!!!!!!

Thanks for looking

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