Thursday, 6 November 2014

Reed Bed Hide Rental


If so you may be interested in two new hides that D.C.C. Countryside Service have to offer..

The Rangers at Clay Cross Countryside Centre have been building these hides and modifying them over a period of several months.and now they are ready for use. 

Does not matter if you are professional or a keen amateur these hides offer a great opportunity to get close at water level to things like Common Snipe, Jack Snipe, Water Rail and much more.

First hide is over looking a scrape area that can hold Grey Heron, Teal, Gadwall, Lapwing and much more.

Second hide is specifically for Common and Jack Snipe and Water Rail, other birds such as Kingfisher have been known to visit this site as well.

You will have to be physically fit to be able to walk through a reed bed and to stay in a lying position for your time in the hide, although there is enough room to kneel and sit up.

You are going to have to believe me for now because with other things I have not managed to get in myself and do any photography; I shall however be hoping to get in very soon and will be posting some pictures. I could have put some up from a couple of years back but I thought that not to be right, never the less I have viewed birds in front of both hides, with some only 4ft away!!

If you are interested then you need to call 01629 533020 where you will be given further details and any relevant information, you may even get put through to me for any specialist advice.

Thanks for looking in

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